Etherlive provide temporary telephony services for events using a mixture of VoIP (Voice over IP) and direct copper (BT) connections.

Direct copper phones are required by some events for emergency liaison teams but most other telephony can be provided using VoIP technology. When requiring traditional BT lines Etherlive’s provisioning team arrange orders, installation dates and work directly with BT Openreach ensuring everything is installed as required.

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Temporary telephony has moved on

VoIP at its simplest is a phone service delivered over a network and is the way nearly all modern installations are completed. By providing service over the site network and the internet, phone call costs are very low rate (or free in the case of national calls) and because the handsets are powered from the network they can be quickly installed or added as a last minute requirement. Modern VoIP phones also come with advanced features including speakerphones, ring groups, hunt groups,voice mail and provide a wired internet connection for computers.

Etherlive deploy two types of VoIP handset used for events; wired and wireless.

Wired VoIP phones are for those who wish to have a traditional desk or conference phone in a room or wish to assign a phone to a specific department. Handsets can also be fitted with headsets for those working on high call volume desks.

Wireless VoIP phones are based on the latest standards of business DECT technology and can therefore can roam throughout the event.  These handsets are splash proof and provide a good alternative for site & production managers who need to be on the move where the cellular network is not good enough to rely on a mobile phone.  The handsets communicate using the same system as the wired versions so internal calls are free and external calls are at a low rate.

For larger deployments a VoIP PBX (the modern equivalent to a telephone exchange in a small box) is installed onsite and can be linked between sites or to an existing office. This unit manages all calls, voicemail and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features.

For more information please look at our VoIP page or contact us where we will be pleased to help you find the right solution for your event.

Satellite Internet provides quick, reliable high speed connectivity for production teams and attendees. Although Etherlive provisioning teams work to identify existing fixed line (copper) services for every event sometimes due to lead times or location that isn’t possible.

Satellite technology has developed significantly over the last 5 years. Pricing has come down, reliability has increased and more types of service have become available to the market.

Satellite Internet access is an excellent solution in remote locations where the event is too far from an ASDL connection or without reliable cellular (3G) coverage.

The equipment is robust, designed to operate outside for prolonged periods of time delivering  high speed broadband and can be set up quickly and easily.

Generally engineers require less than an hour to set the system up with the service requiring a clear view of the south sky and, if at ground level, a small cordoned off area to avoid anyone stepping in front of the dish and disrupting the signal.

Satellite Internet access is available throughout UK, Europe and the world, typically delivering speeds of up to 10 Mbps download. Etherlive installs its satellite systems with remote monitoring equipment to ensure any degradation in service or outage is immediately identified.

Call us now if you need more information on how Etherlive can connect your event.


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Quick and reliable high speed connectivity

With police forces and local authorities adding CCTV requirements to most licences many event organisers find themselves exploring CCTV for the first time. This article covers some of the advantages of deploying CCTV systems as part of our service highlights series.

The primary advantages of deploying CCTV at your event can be grouped into three main areas:

  1. Operational Control
  2. Security and Deterrence
  3. Attendee comfort


1.  Operational Control

CCTV systems provide invaluable, real-time visibility throughout an event enabling monitoring teams to:

  • Identifying bottlenecks and re-direct attendees away from or resources to specific areas
  • Direct security or first aid teams to problems and monitor if they require additional resource
  • Allowing operational staff to assess and react to incidents from a ‘birds eye’ view
  • Aid future planning in crowd dynamics and stage scheduling using replays of data after the event


2. Security and Deterrence 

The very presence of CCTV systems can act as a deterrent to would be criminals and trouble makers and allow:

  • Allowing fast identification and removal of criminals
  • Providing policing teams with clear evidence of behaviour for prosecution
  • Fast identification and removal of anti-social behaviour
  • Aid catching and prosecution of elements


3. Attendee Comfort

A psychological advantage of CCTV systems is one of perceived safety.  Attendees feel safer at large events when they know that CCTV cameras are securing an area especially those with children or who are new to events.


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An Etherlive CCTV system


Contact our team now to find out how CCTV systems can give you the operational control and security your event requires.