Satellite Internet provides quick, reliable high speed connectivity for production teams and attendees. Although Etherlive provisioning teams work to identify existing fixed line (copper) services for every event sometimes due to lead times or location that isn’t possible.

Satellite technology has developed significantly over the last 5 years. Pricing has come down, reliability has increased and more types of service have become available to the market.

Satellite Internet access is an excellent solution in remote locations where the event is too far from an ASDL connection or without reliable cellular (3G) coverage.

The equipment is robust, designed to operate outside for prolonged periods of time delivering  high speed broadband and can be set up quickly and easily.

Generally engineers require less than an hour to set the system up with the service requiring a clear view of the south sky and, if at ground level, a small cordoned off area to avoid anyone stepping in front of the dish and disrupting the signal.

Satellite Internet access is available throughout UK, Europe and the world, typically delivering speeds of up to 10 Mbps download. Etherlive installs its satellite systems with remote monitoring equipment to ensure any degradation in service or outage is immediately identified.

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Photo of Satellite Internet

Quick and reliable high speed connectivity