The Green Man Festival

A copy of our press release from the Green Man festival which took place last weekend. Our team provided internet and phone services for the event staff – keeping them connected to the outside world 

Green Man goes Interactive  

Music festival uses cutting edge technology to reduce costs and deploy new interactive services 

Powys, August 15, 2008 – etherLive Event Services are providing the Green Man festival attendees and event organisation team with new technology services during the 10,000 attendee event in August to increase interaction whilst reducing infrastructure cost. The services will be used to publish a live event schedule to ticket holders through their mobile phone whilst also enabling the event organisation team to use office networking including printing and internet services. 

Attendees are able to interact with a live schedule whilst checking their Facebook profile and uploading photos, all for free. Using interactive services keeps attendees engaged and enables them to keep up to date with line up changes and announcements. 

Event staff are continuing to work in a normal connected office environment despite being in the middle of a field thanks to wireless connectivity. Cable runs are being reduced whilst improving productivity. 

About etherLive 

EtherLive event services provides technical solutions UK wide to outdoor and large events. etherLive partners with events utilising new technologies to offer totally new services whilst reduce costs. etherLive provides streaming video services, location based reporting, security cameras and other services from its versatile networking solutions and experience. 

For more information on etherLive, its services and advantages, visit or contact Tom McInerney 07789486939 


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