Expert’s Corner: satellite internet’s vital statistics revealed

A question that we are often asked at trade shows and events that we do is how satellite internet works. To many it seems a daunting prospect but in fact it is a simple, powerful system with a large capacity and high performance.

What is it? In principle satellite systems communicate from a dish at the event which beams signals to a geostationary satellite in space which ‘bounces’ the beam to a receiving station on the ground. We typically deploy a 78cm type dish at event sites which is responsible for beaming to the satellite to send data.

How fast is it? Speeds depend on which type of dish and packages are selected. Most events operate on a service which is on par with ADSL/home broadband type speeds. The main advantage of satellite is that it can be deployed in less than an hour.

What’s its capacity? Speeds offered range from around 10 Mbps (similar to home broadband) to 50 or 60 Mbps. System can be offered which support video streaming or general internet access.

For what type of event? Depending on budgets typically the most appropriate is two systems providing high speed internet for a press or organiser network. 

Further information about satellite services can be found on our product page here

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