Over 9,000 visitors enjoy public Wi-Fi at WOMAD

For the sixth year Etherlive was responsible for deployed public Wi-Fi for WOMAD Festival enabling free internet access for those camping and enjoying the main arena. Attendees were able to share images and use the WOMAD app to plan their event. The network was responsible for supporting 4.6 terabytes of data (almost 1,000 DVDs worth)

The festival was held at Charlton Park, Wilts from 23rd – 26th July 2014. Highlights from this year included a show-stopping performance from Sinead O’Connor (dedicated to the late Bobby Womack, who was meant to headline originally) and number one soul singer Alice Russell.

As a key partner for the event, a relationship now in its sixth year, Etherlive has worked with WOMAD for over five years. In 2014, in addition to the public Wi-Fi, Etherlive also deployed a site wide CCTV system, phone systems, people counting and teenager registration.

Following another successful year for the internationally renowned event, we will continue to work with WOMAD to find new opportunities for cost saving and innovative technology. 

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