The Royal Parks has partnered with Etherlive to offer the park and its events the latest high-speed fibre and internet technologies.

The services, which include dedicated high-speed internet, fibre ring access and on-site engineers means events taking place at the park have access to the latest high-speed network services wherever they may need it.

Access to the network will allow events to deliver more integrated technology such as cashless payments, high-definition CCTV, broadcast uplinks and media internet.

The Royal Parks is ensuring that when events use Hyde Park, they can take advantage of world leading facilities such as security, technology and logistics.

Mike Silk, Head of Information Technology at The Royal Parks, said, “This is an exciting step forward for us in offering our event organisers and event goers the very best in latest technologies. These improvements ensure Hyde Park continues to be a leading outdoor venue, delivering the very best live events now and in the future.”

Tom McInerney, director at Etherlive, says that “We are privileged to partner with The Royal Parks as they continue to develop Hyde Park into a leading event space.”

About The Royal Parks

The Royal Parks is the charity that exists to make sure London’s eight historic royal parks will always be there to enrich the lives of local residents and visitors to London.

The charity looks after eight of London’s largest open spaces: Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St James’s Park, The Green Park, The Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, Greenwich Park, Richmond Park and Bushy Park. It also manages other important open spaces in the capital, including Brompton Cemetery and Victoria Tower Gardens.

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About Etherlive

Etherlive is a leading specialist in permanent and temporary event technology. Fortunate to work with many of the most well-regarded events and venues throughout the UK and Europe Etherlive is the partner who ensures that technology delivered allowing clients to focus on delivery and experience. Whether it be delivering 250-acre outdoor wireless networks supporting thousands, partnering with venues so they can deliver the latest event technology or providing advisory for those integrating technology into their projects; Etherlive’s experienced team and state of the art equipment are the first choice.   

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We all know maintaining an exciting, engaging live event experience whilst maintaining social distancing is going to be a challenge. We have been working with several customers to plan out what live music and events might look like in the new normal. Technology is a key element of this offering, reducing barriers between the experience and the attendee, and assisting in keeping everyone safe.

On-Site Apps

Previously seen as a barrier, mobile apps are now the new enabler. Ordering food, drinks, merchandise and just getting updated information about the event will, for the moment, pivot around mobile devices. From the process of ordering through to the delivery via location tracking, apps will form a key part of getting the shows going again, this of course has to be coupled with a reliable infrastructure to ensure the app works for everyone.

Contactless Payments

There has been a steady rise year on year in contactless payment systems at events but the current situation should finally push cash out altogether. Ensuring payments can be taken reliably via an app or on mobile contactless terminals is critical.

Connected Production

Most of the media coverage focusses on audience safety but putting on an event requires a big team of people working together from many different groups. Keeping the production teams, artists, press, contactors, etc. in close communication but not in close contact will put extra strain on the underlying services. From basic internet access and Wi-Fi, to phones, radios and CCTV, all components need to be addressed to ensure the capacity is there, and in cases such as phones, radios and CCTV viewing, ensuring that they do not introduce an additional contamination risk. We see production internet requirements increasing by around 20% year on year, so it is key to have sufficient bandwidth to keep operational.

Number Plate Recognition

Reduce the wait on arrival by linking the vehicles number plate with the ticket. Our cameras can quickly scan the plate and give the operator a green signal to pass

CCTV & Thermal Detection

Using additional cameras for event management can help reduce the number of staff in close proximity to attendees and, although not a guarantee, thermal cameras monitoring skin surface temperatures can help identify any high risk attendees for further checks before allowing entry.

People Counting

For more enclosed areas managing the density of people can be assisted by adding automated counting systems or even ‘traffic light’ systems controlling access. Although not ideal these are already becoming the norm in shopping situations so people are becoming more accepting.

Live Audio Relay

With more distanced audiences, especially with in-car/near car experiences using additional services can help enhance the experience, this could be live relays of the audio and video but these have technical challenges which need to be considered early on.

Many of the changes needed at live events are not the most desirable but at least it helps get the industry moving again.

Can We Help?

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Before joining Etherlive I was an Event Manager for a large event organiser. It involved a lot of travel and I got to work with some fantastic brands and customers.

My brief when joining Etherlive was to develop a greater relationship with exhibition and corporate event professionals. Many events they are operating continue to rely on poor technology, either from venues or from in house IT teams who don’t have the time or bandwidth to focus on one event or another.

Whilst thinking about how best to show what Etherlive can do, it got me thinking about what I used to attend, Mash Medias International Confex. This year taking place in the enormous Excel. So, I developed a plan and we have agreed to be one of the sponsors for the event. This includes a VIP drinks evening on the first night (Tuesday 25th Feb) anyone who wants to come along please let me know!

Its all about engagement and showing corporate and event organisers they don’t have to live with the IT from the venue – there are other options!

Planning the stand has been fun – since it’s Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day!) we have decided to host a pancake flipping competition! You will spot us a mile off with our Etherlive aprons and prizes including classy prosecco!

As part of our learning series of speaking events our directors Chris Green and Tom McInerney will be speaking in sessions on both days.

Tom will be speaking on Day 1 at 11:40am in the eventTech theatre about technology for sustainable events and then at 1.45pm on the main stage at Event Production Show about Sports Synergies and Opportunities for the wider Event Industry.

Chris will be speaking on Day 2 at 2pm in the eventTech theatre discussing what are the hottest trends in exhibition and meetings right now, and what this will mean for Wi-Fi connectivity and capability.

So please come and find out why Etherlive are so flipping great either on stand I32C, during one of the three talks or/and at the International Confex drinks reception.