Wireless Consulting

Wireless Networking and Surveys

Etherlive provides a consultancy service that is specifically aimed at Wireless Networking and Site Surveys

  • Problem Solving Advice
  • Requirements Planning
  • Site Survey & Planning
  • Configuration & Management
  • Post Implementation Surveys
  • Troubleshooting






Expert Problem Solving Advice

Business class wireless is a lot more than just mounting a couple of access points to the wall. Spectrum, signal propagation,
density and channel management are all important issues that can have a major impact on performance. We offer a full range of services in the wireless area including:

Requirements Planning

Working with you to understand what the network is to be used for, covering aspects such as capacity, security, performance, redundancy, manageability, etc. Getting the plan correct up front saves thousands of pounds later on if changes have to be made.

Site Survey & Planning

Starting with a comprehensive theoretical survey based on site plans and a complex modelling tool, we draw up initial plans to meet the requirements. These plans are then updated during implementation with spot checks validating the original plans.

Configuration & Management

Managing a larger wireless network can be a real headache. We use a number of tried and tested best known methods to deliver a solution that minimises overhead and delivers the best performance. Too often a wireless network is let down by poor configuration which is not only frustrating but may also put your company information at risk. For larger systems we provide integration with Active Directory and use certificate based Radius authentication to provide the best in security.

Post Implementation Surveys

Upon completion of a project, we do a final check, ensuring that performance is as expected from all areas and providing a formal report on how the system performs.


Starting from scratch is a good position to be in but often there’s an existing wireless infrastructure that is performing badly. We conduct full site surveys with a formal report on problem areas and recommendations for resolutions.