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Brands and organisations who provide internet connectivity at events can gain significant awareness by using a splash page to highlight their involvement, to control access per person, collect information about those using the service or generate revenue

customisable splash pages allow a number of ‘hijack functions’ to be quickly put in place depending on the event requirement. A network splash page appears when attendees join a network (wireless or wired) similar to the experience at a hotel or café. Without passing through the hijack, users will not be able to step outside the ‘walled garden’.

All Etherlive splash pages include a standard set of terms and conditions which ensure legal responsibility for any content browsed sits with the end user. The legal boilerplate is updated automatically with the event name for full protection.

The network control hardware on-site allows Etherlive engineers to add a number of controls alongside the network hijack, including an automatic timeout for free usage, limits and how much internet bandwidth a user has access to and per user, reporting for time spent on the network and device used. The system also allows customisation of the hijack look and feel based on customer brand and identity.

The following splash pages are available for customers:

Logo with Conditions

With a standard or customer logo, this splash page ensures all those who connect to the network have agreed to a set of terms and conditions before they enjoy the internet. This hijack works well for customers who want to highlight that a brand has provided the service.

Logo, Conditions and Email Registration

This splash page includes the ability to ask network users to enter their email and other data before they can proceed to the internet. This type of hijack works well for events where a brand wishes to provide free connectivity but gain some information for marketing purposes.

Token-Based Time Access

This splash page allows those who connect to the network to use a pre-provided username and password. This type of hijack works for corporate customers and those providing exhibitors with a number of Wi-Fi connections for free.

Social Media

This splash page allows those with accounts for popular social media services, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, to log in using those credentials. In return for sharing their credentials users provide information linked with their profile to the system. This can be used by the event to understand more about their attendees. Those who don’t have social media accounts are normally provided with an alternative method of connecting such as registration.

Pay As You Go

With customer logo, this splash page allows users to purchase tokens for network connectivity using credit cards or PayPal. Several time tokens can be offered depending on requirements.

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