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Event Wi-Fi Networks


Event Wi-Fi systems are critical to the success of an event. Deployments can range from a small Wi-Fi hotspot for press or production to site-wide deployments for attendees.

Etherlive has developed a number of Wi-Fi systems especially for temporary deployments so service continues, regardless of any external influences such as power loss and interference.

Indoor Deployments

Etherlive has significant experience in deploying Wi-Fi networks to venues, either to provide coverage where none exists or to temporally upgrade existing systems. Engineers have experience installing networks sympathetically with the building or event, including blacking out or installing into existing lighting trussing.

Outdoor Deployments

Weatherproof, reliable networks are critical for deployments which are going to have to face the elements. Etherlive has invested in specifically designed access points with built-in heaters and specialist battery packs, monitored across the Etherlive network, to ensure systems keep operating whatever happens.

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