Working with Entrepreneurs of the Future

Last week I attended a Meet the Entrepreneurs Speed Networking Event in Swindon. Several local schools are taking part in the program where students with an interest in business create a company to experience some of the challenges associated with business. Many choose a product which can be sold directly to the school students or teachers. The students (14 – 16 years old) met with companies from Wiltshire including Etherlive to discuss their concept and focus on how to develop the product.

I believe real world experience is a great way of students starting to appreciate some of the skills which are critical to the business world like working as a team and confidence. For the same reasons we also support programs such as Young Enterprise and others. This week as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week we are running a Young Enterprise Global Business Simulation at a local school.

It was great to spend time with the fledgling companies as they explained their products and what the planned to achieve. Some great ideas and really enthusiastic students, certainly several who could be the next Lord Sugar! Many thanks to the entrepreneurs who gave up their valuable time. Also a special ‘thank you’ to Thring, Townsend Lee & Pemberton LLP for providing a location for this event to be run.

Tom McInerney speaks to Dorcan Technology College students

Tom McInerney speaks to Dorcan Technology College students

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