Etherlive will be exhibiting their event technology solutions at the Event Show 2009 21-22 Jan 2009 Olympia London.

We will be showing some of our new products which will make life easier for event organisers and reduce costs.

The Event Show 2009 Logo

The Event Show 2009 Logo

Etherlive will be demonstrating some of it’s cutting edge technology at the showman’s show this year which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs whilst also supporting sponsorship and other new revenue streams

Expect more information in the upcoming weeks (we don’t want to spoil all the surprise) 🙂

See you at the show!

Showmans’s show Etherlive stand details

New use case published today about our recent “Meet Your Navy” event which took place in Portmouth Navy base working with Fonix LED on a balmy hot July weekend (much better than the Welsh wet weather I’m currently writing this blog in) we setup temporary remote cameras on top of the popular Portsmouth Spinnaker tower to get a fresh view of the Red Arrows (from above!) and supported broadcast links from various ship locations – All displayed over the Fonix Meet Your Navy TV service

Meet Your Navy Use Case

Obvious question but in a field full of 40,000 people it’s never easy. Far side of the stage? By the flag on the right? Yeah, it’s never going to work you might as well get to the bar.

etherLives event portal uses specialist location technology to report your exact location – it can even be used to tell your where your friends are or the closest bar (always handy!)

In fact our location reporting technology can be used with anything, as long as it can join our wireless network – the possibilities are endless

Great little application to be aware of if you haven’t already left for Glastonbury. Orange are providing a static map of the event (download

Like our system it displays a map, however there isn’t any interactivity like ‘my tent location’ or ‘the closest ATM’

Our approach is to offer the attendees a totally free experience by giving access through our site wide WiFi network – but it’s a great example of why this kind of new technology can help people find their tents…friend…who’s on the main stage when…whatever!