One of things that happens in a downturn is most companies stop spending on IT. Well they think they stop spending on IT, what they really do is stop buying new hardware. Research has shown that the cost of computer hardware is only a small percentage (often less than 20%) of the real total cost of ownership for IT. Most of the costs actually come from aspects such as IT support, lost user productivity when problems occur, software, data loss, power consumption and misplaced assets. Although it may feel wrong it is often cheaper in the long term to replace aging hardware sooner rather than trying to keep it going as the new hardware is capable of reducing costs in other areas.

Etherlive have a keen focus on helping customers reduce their overall IT costs whilst driving up their productivity. One aspect of this is improving IT manageability and Etherlive work closely with Intel Corporation to deliver maximum benefit from their Intel® vPro™ technology and Intel® Active Management Technology.

These technologies can deliver great benefits, driving down support costs, reducing overall power consumption and improving employee productivity. Recently we worked with Intel to develop an ‘activation’ message to help customers understand what they need to do take advantage of Intel® vPro™ technology and Intel® Active Management Technology. You can find out more on the Intel ‘Make the Case’ website with articles and videos from Etherlive, Cap Gemini and Computacenter covering the different aspects of the technology. You can find out more about the specific services we offer around activation at

The key point is don’t sit back and ignore your IT, go and shake the real costs out. Not only will you save money, you should also end up with a more productive IT environment.

Chris Green Etherlive Intel Active Management Technology

Chris Green from Etherlive explains Intel Active Management Technology features