Etherlive have always had a focus on our carbon footprint with several initiatives to minimise it. This year we have signed up to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% through 10:10, a voluntary organisation aimed at reducing both personal and business impact on the environment.

Working a lot in the outdoor environment we certainly want it to remain as beautiful as it is now!

10% may be ambitious for a growing company but it is achievable. The methodology of the program means the 10% is relative to your business growth.

We are continuing to develop our solar options and high efficiency equipment but for the purpose of 10:10 our primary focus is reducing transport and mileage. Some of the things we plan to do include:

  1. Bringing less vehicles to event sites through better planning and transport sharing
  2. Where possible working with partners at event sites to reduce infrastructure, setup and power draw
  3. Ensure that when in a particular area for customer meetings we meet several!

The 10:10 pack has some great ideas how you can help your business or personal life have less impact on our planet – have a look.