IT Service & Support

Etherlive IT Support

The last ten years has seen a transformation in the way IT services are delivered to small and medium businesses. Cloud solutions, virtual hosting, VoIP and mobile devices deliver functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Support partners need to be agile, experienced and knowledgeable to provide an effective service in this rapidly changing environment. Etherlive provide a range of services from advice and consulting through to fully managed services.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Fire, flood, terrorism, loss of access, cyber attack or other more mundane IT problems can seriously impact a business. Understanding risk, developing contingency plans and testing those plans is far too often overlooked. See how Etherlive can help minimise risk and support you if the worst happens >>

Temporary Internet Connectivity

Loss of internet access is crippling for a modern business, whether it’s an outage due to a telecoms provider or a delay in an installation, Etherlive have a range of temporary connectivity solutions to keep you connected, find out more >>

IT Hosting & Support

For small and medium businesses the overhead of running IT systems internally is typically not cost effective. Etherlive have experienced teams to call on when needed, supporting and managing IT services both remotely and on-site when required. See how Etherlive can manage your IT needs in a cost effective way >>


Getting IT services right can have a major impact on productivity, cost and overall business effectiveness. Tap into years of experience for anything from a review of IT approach to a major systems change, find out more >>