Sports Technology Services

Etherlive Sports Technology services

Etherlive’s sports technology services are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of production teams, sponsors, security staff, media, participants and attendees at everything from a small sports event to a major international sports event.

Built for Purpose

Sports events have unique requirements for which Etherlive has developed a range of products to support including high speed Wi-Fi access points, VoIP telephony, high capacity fibre to support broadcast services, HD CCTV equipment, people counting solutions and a range of connectivity solutions from satellite to multi-gigabit leased lines. Deployments are backed up by monitored UPS (back-up power) and comprehensive network management. Key equipment is prepared for rapid deployment using flight cases with outdoor equipment all at least IP65 rated to deal with all weathers.

Technology Highlights

  • Wi-Fi networks from hotspots for production crews to site wide to support attendee requirements.
  • Point to Point links for remote locations such as box offices, ELT (Emergency Liaison Teams), gates and scoring locations.
  • VoIP Phones for effective communication both on and off-site
  • HD-CCTV cameras which operate across the Etherlive network reducing infrastructure cost.