Press, Media & Broadcast Services

Etherlive Press Technology services

Etherlive’s press, media and broadcast technology services are tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern media – from high capacity optical fibre circuits to dedicated press networks optimised for rapid uploading of images.

Built for Purpose

Press & media have unique requirements for which Etherlive has developed a range of products to support including high speed Wi-Fi access points, VoIP telephony, high capacity optic fibre internet access and comprehensive fibre deployment and patching. Solutions are backed up by monitored UPS (back-up power) and comprehensive network management. Key equipment is prepared for rapid deployment using flight cases with outdoor equipment all at least IP65 rated to deal with all weathers.

Technology Highlights

  • High Speed Wi-Fi networks with special focus on performance for press and media.
  • Layer 3 network routing supporting diverse routes with transparent failover
  • Multi-core optical fibre deployments with outdoor patching capablity to service IP & non-IP based data (such as HD-SDI camera feeds)
  • Point to Point links for more remote locations.
  • VoIP Phones for effective communication in press rooms and media centres