What is a ‘splash’ or ‘hijack’ page?

30 Mar 2017

When you first connect an open Wi-Fi network such as a public one you are often greeted by a webpage which asks for some login information or sign-up details before you can proceed to use the internet. This is commonly called a splash page, hijack page or more correctly a ‘captive portal’ and is used to control access to the internet. These pages may be branded with logos and sponsor information and typically offer one of three types of access:

  • Open access with just a ‘click to accept terms and conditions’
  • Open access after entering some basic information such as an email address
  • Authenticated access using a code or username/password approach

Post login the user may be redirected to a ‘landing’ page (often a page the provider wants to promote) or directed onwards to the original requested page.

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