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Etherlive recently completed the latest of its permanent outdoor Wi-Fi internet hotspots for fast, reliable internet access.

Like many open spaces in the UK, Poole Park is constantly looking for new services to offer to its visitors.  Friends of Poole Park, who are a local volunteer organisation working with the council, recently undertook a revamp of the park adding a new water fountain and bird nesting islands, alongside this they contracted Etherlive to install a community Wi-Fi internet hotspot.  Located in the centre of Poole the park offers a picturesque 60 acre lake, restaurants and cafes – all of which are used by the local community including a large percentage of local businesses (more of which the park is trying to attract) and students from Bournemouth University.

The wireless equipment installed at Poole is based on a ruggedized 802.11n meshed infrastructure providing Wi-Fi internet across the whole of the park including several buildings. The main benefit of the mesh is that each wireless unit only requires a power source such as a lamp post; all connectivity across the network is managed from one central location. In addition proxy (caching) and firewall services were installed to improve performance and security. The network will be used in the future to provide webcams and communications infrastructure for the popular Poole Park Fest.

Bob Lister of Friends of Poole Park, speaking to Poole Borough Council said: “We are delighted Wi-Fi is up and running. In addition to providing local people and visitors with new park facilities, we also anticipate event organisers will make good use of the new technology for their activities.”

By offering free community internet access Poole Park becomes a credible location for businesses to meet and students to study encouraging more visitors during the day whilst also fulfilling the recent ‘Digital Britain’ drive by the British Government which sees regular access to internet services as a must have.

Etherlive wi-fi installed at Poole Park

Etherlive Wi-Fi installed at Poole Park

For further information see Borough of Poole News and Bournemouth Echo

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